There are just so many wonderfully talented artists working in every kind of medium possible here in The County.  It's impossible to investigate every one in a weekend visit, that's for sure. In our time here - there are a few that I've grown to love. Art is SO subjective, so the work listed below are those that speak to me personally, and my goal is to own a piece from each! These are our favourites (you can click on the paintings to be taken to their sites/blogs). There are a few galleries where you can see these and others in the area - I've listed them below.

Pamela Carter/Wellington

Pamela Carter was the first artist whose work I was really drawn to in the area.  Her use of light, colour and impressionistic style really struck me as my heart really belongs to the impressionists. She really manages to capture The County for me.  She has a studio in Wellington that is open to the public at certain times.  Check out her website HERE to see samples of her work and for gallery location and times.

Stewart Jones/Wellington

Stewart Jones is an artist who is motivated in the moment and in the here and now as his statement proclaims in the Studio Tour 2015 materials, and that is evident in his work.  His style is unique, stark and modern yet evokes a certain warmth and charm that has impressionistic qualities, at least in my eyes. I absolutely love his work. For updates on his activity and exhibitions, follow him HERE (he's also on Facebook and Instagram).

Tammy Love/Hand Works/Bloomfield

Tammy Love is an artist and the proprietor of Handworks, one of the most fun stores in The County that also acts as a gallery.  She combs North America for unique artisans an carries the most interesting pieces in her eclectic store - from jewelry, to clothing to dishes and slippers!  Her store is also a B&B and Tammy is an acclaimed artist herself.  She is so fun to chat with so we would recommend stopping by to experience her store/gallery.

Milé Murtanovski/Small Pond Arts/Picton

Milé Murtanovski and his partner Krista Dalby (an accomplished puppetier) are the owners of Small Pond Arts - an art centre, art gallery and residency located just outside of Picton.  I'm particularly drawn to Mile's painting style. Most recently he spent 9 months creating haunting works with a focus on WW1.  His style is unique and evocative.  The gallery also hosts work from their residents as well.

Lalaland Glass Studio/Bloomfield

We stopped by Lalaland last year and met artist, Keiri who walked us through her painstakingly creative process.  It gave us a us a great appreciation for her art form.  She is very charming and fun to chat with, and her pieces are all unique and beautiful.


Below are galleries that we have been to and recommend visiting.

Maison Depoivre

Camp Picton

This authentic French business started out at a wonderful farmhouse that the owners painstakingly converted into a B&B with a small French boutique/shop off of the kitchen. Part of their B&B slowly morphed into an art gallery and then the owners, Christophe and Vincent, recently sold it and opened a gorgeous art gallery up on the fascinating grounds of Camp Picton, aka, Loch Sloy. The owners are from France - they loved The County so much, they decided to move here! It has been really interesting to watch their business grow, and their taste in fine art is exceptional.  

Arts on Main

223 Main St.

This is a cooperative art gallery run by artists right on main street in Picton where you can find a wealth of work from extremely talented artists living/working in the area.  It is well worth stopping by.

Sidestreet Gallery/Wellington

Sybil Frank Gallery/Wellington

Oeno Gallery/Huff Estates Winery

Closson Chase Winery



The Arts Trail lists a lot of wonderful artists in the county but not all.  As is with the Food Trail - artists have pay to be included in the guide so do yourself a favour and stop by as many studios as you can on your travels through the county - whether in the guide or not!


This is a relatively new development here and a gorgeous one at that.  Last year we started noticing stunning painted quilt squares that were popping up on barns, farmhouses and even businesses across The County.  You can view the quilts here and get more background on the quilts, but they photos don't do them justice (My favourite one is on the barn at Maison Depoive in Bloomfield, and there are two beauties on the Hagerman's farmstand barns just outside of Picton.   Just keep your eyes open for gorgeous bursts of colour as you drive along County roads - you can't miss them!