Midtown Brewing Company

Sunday, April 19, 2020 1:03 PM

Today I want to shout out the founders of one of our favourite places in PEC, Midtown Brewing Company . I celebrated the brewery early on in my PEC drawing adventures when we learned that Neil Dowson was moving over as their head chef, and since then - we have gone on to enjoy countless visits. Mark Andrewsky (cartoon on the left) and Paul “Spike” Lees on the right founded a true community hub with an incredibly positive vibe that features their own delicious brews (I am partial to their ESB and have it every time!!). This fantastic meeting place captured the community’s heart from the very moment they opened their doors.

A few days ago, through one of their Insta stories – Midtown made a statement that really moved me (actually – it moved me to tears). It was something along the lines of – no one should go hungry during this crisis - if you are in need of a meal, private message us without shame. Such kindness, warmth and sincerity coming from a company that has obviously been hit hard as a result of this crisis. 

This business, like many others here in PEC, do so much to support our community year round. I miss meeting friends at Midtown and cannot WAIT until we can do that again, but in the meantime – at least I know we can get our fix of truly delicious pizza, beer and whatever special take out offers they have available. By doing so, not only can we continue to enjoy some of Midtown’s great offerings, but in our small way, we are doing our part to help keep their lights on until this storm passes and you can too. It’s a win-win!

You can swipe through the images to see their menu board from yesterday (it changes so follow them for updates). I also re-purposed a drawing of Neil in take-out pizza mode just for fun 😊

Thanks, Midtown, for all that you do and we’ll be back again soon!

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