We have true leadership in our Mayor Steve Ferguson

Sunday, April 19, 2020 12:56 PM

Like everyone else, we are fairly distraught over the paralyzing implications of COVID-19, but at least I have great comfort in knowing that we have solid leadership here in Canada, and for that - I am most grateful. That leads me to this post.

I want to do a special shout out for Prince Edward County’s Mayor, Steve Ferguson. In a calm and measured way - he and his team are working tirelessly with the community to put protective measures in place for us all. The enormous complexity of this situation as it unfolds is COMPLETELY overwhelming for everyone, and now, more than ever, we need exceptional leadership to help guide us, and we have it here in PEC.

I’ve read opinionated posts from individual deniers in our community who claim, as Trump initially did, “that it is just a flu – people die from the flu every year!” and that people should just go on and live their lives, kids will be kids – let them play together etc. I’ve heard that some have laughed at the social distancing restrictions local retailers have put in place, scoffed at the fact that restaurants have sacrificed their livelihoods for the safety of our citizens – I could go on. To think that these people among us have chosen to turn a blind eye to the insurmountable evidence of the destructive force of COVID-19 - and take zero responsibility for how their personal actions will impact the most vulnerable in our community is mind-boggling. Such ignorance, stupidity and selfishness.

Please keep preaching, Steve. A huge thanks to you and your team for rallying the troops and for encouraging us to take note of (and celebrate) other heroic community members who are selfless and continue to go above and beyond for us all. Your efforts, words, actions and positive leadership in these difficult times are so greatly needed and are very much appreciated!!