Rebecca Hunt's PICNIC PEC

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 7:12 AM

One of the first “County Characters” that I did a few years ago was of Rebecca Hunt and her husband, an incredibly talented artist, Stew Jones. To me – they still are one of the coolest couples in PEC! I wanted to do a fresh post to shout out Rebecca because her business, PICNIC PEC, has changed somewhat since then. She is still producing mouth-watering menu items, but has morphed from being an iconic food truck operation to a fantastic brick and mortar take-out in Picton, and she is now offering contactless pickup which is GREAT.

We used to follow her iconic pink truck from location-to-location around PEC because her offerings are that good and were thrilled when she opened her location close to where we live in Picton! In addition to her delicious takeout, she also caters and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We worked together on a couple of dinner/concert series for Wellington Water Week over the past two summers, and at every event she managed to feed a hungry crowd of 60 people during intermission in just 45 minutes (!!) and it was delicious.

Be sure to follow her socially to see her menu updates - I just saw this week’s – it all looks SO damned good – we plan to order for this weekend!!

Facebook, Instagram and her site is: