All Hail The Mighty Caesar

Saturday, July 17, 2021 5:21 PM

We’ve been really, really lucky in the past when it comes to being blessed with fantastic neighbours, and PEC has been no exception. It wasn’t long after meeting our new neighbours, Bill and Kate Beckett, a few years ago that we realized that we completely lucked out again.

In 2020, Kate had planned to open a cool curated event space and Caesar bar called The Weekend Social in Picton in a gorgeous little building that they purchased and renovated the year prior. Then, COVID hit, and, well - yeah.

Now, as Ontario cautiously rolls into phase three of the reopening plan, her plans are finally unfolding. She did a soft open a couple of weeks ago, and Tim and I were COMPLETELY honoured to be her first customers! I had never really thought a lot about Caesars, I’ve always liked them, but with Kate’s enthusiasm, my interest really piqued. Now there is no question about it – I’m a pretty big fan of this tasty beverage - she is a master mixologist of this mighty drink!

Her space is really cool, and it’s a GREAT place to consider renting for special smaller events and occasions – it can really be transformed into what you need it to be. Kate is super creative and can help you to plan really fun events. 

Visit her site here, or follow her on social to see when the Caesar Bar will be open. The Weekend Social is located at 172 Main St, Unit 108 in Picton, but the building is actually is on Elizabeth St.