When Worlds Collide

Thursday, August 26, 2021 7:40 PM

When worlds collide…

I live full time in PEC (have for the past four years) and one of our neighbours happens to be The June Motel. I also work with Touchwood PR,  a boutique PR firm based in Toronto, and the client that I work on is Netflix, Canada. A few months ago, while on a Zoom call, it was revealed to us that they had a series coming up for release about a couple of women who started a motel chain. I screamed out “is it The JUNE?!????” and when they confirmed it was, my head pretty much exploded. I screamed back at the screen, “they are my neighbours!” (I think at the time, they all thought I was nuts).

April and Sarah have been on my list of illustrations to tackle for quite some time. Work has been bananas for me for the past couple of years so I’ve had little time to concentrate on doing these, but just had to do this for them now to congratulate them. They are such remarkable, inspiring and impressive women.

It has been amazing to watch as this business blossomed from what was once The Sportsman Motel into a thriving millennial magnet, and now they star in a super fun series called Motel Makeover on Netflix. And they are great neighbours - very respectful to the surrounding community, and there are always such great vibes coming out of that place. I either walk or drive by it every day and now when I do, I laugh at how TOTALLY bizarro it is that I ended up working on the launch of this series.

Cheers to you, April and Sarah! It was a great experience working with you on this, and incredible to see this amazing community come out in droves to celebrate you both on Monday. I could not be happier for you - and can’t wait to watch as you take on the world (literally- Motel Makeover just launched in over 190 countries worldwide!!)