Angie's Pooper Business

Thursday, October 13, 2022 8:07 PM

One of the fun things about doing these illustrations is that I really get to dig in and learn more about people here in PEC. Today I’m shouting out Frank Eldridge + Angie Capone of ANGIE’S POOPER PUMPING SEPTIC SERVICE. I have always LOVED the name of the business -it makes me laugh every time I see one of their trucks driving around the area and we have hired them on a few occasions now, and they offer fantastic service. Also - they are celebrating their 10th year in business this year AND they just got married – so this is a big year for them! I thought now would be a fun time to highlight them.


A bit of their backstory and how they landed in poo business – Frank’s family lived here in PEC, they used to own Thunder Cycle and Sport (it was located on HWY 1 where Marks Heating is now located). When Frank, who was working in the film industry in Toronto, learned that his father was ill – he and Angie wanted to spend more time helping out his parents. They quickly realized that driving back-and-forth to Toronto was challenging, so when they learned that Dave Carr was interested in selling his pumping business, they decided to buy it on the spot, move here full time and then brilliantly change the name of the business to what it is now.


They have three pumper trucks and four staff and they offer terrific service.  Also – I find their social media feed to be really informative – I’ve learned quite a bit about how septic systems work and best practices in maintaining ours.

Their slogan is “We’re # 1 in the # 2 business” and I have to agree!


Congratulations to you both, Angie and Frank, and cheers to you for helping to keep our system in a healthy state and for helping us to see the humour in managing poo 😊  We really appreciate what you do!!