Cherry Bomb Coffee

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 9:10 PM

So! It’s been a while – six months, in fact, since I’ve done a “County Character” so I’m really happy to finally have time to do more. Doing these actually brings me great joy!

Today I am taking the time to shout out how cool I think Sarah Ostwald is. Sarah is the lovely and talented co-founder and co-owner of Cherry Bomb Coffee based in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto - she is pretty inspiring. Driven by passion for exquisite baked goods and premium coffee, she and her business partner opened this delightful neighbourhood coffee shop back in 2005. It quickly caught on and became the neighbourhood go-to spot for unique and delicious freshly-baked (in-house) take-out goods and coffee, and then in 2012 they started roasting their own beans here in Prince Edward County. And it is GOOD coffee!!

Sarah also has a fabulous sense of style and design, and for the last few years I’ve been fawning over her farmhouse renovation and in particular, her terrazzo countertop that she has uses on occasion as a gorgeous Instagram backdrop to showcase their freshly baked breads and cappuccinos. It’s BEAUTIFUL, so I had to include it in this illustration :) 

We’re able to purchase Cherry Bomb beans here in PEC at The Agrarian and Lily’s Cafe (those are the two I know of off hand) but you can also purchase online here in bulk. And if you’re in Toronto - be sure to visit the café and treat yourself to some of the exceptional house-baked goods + coffee and support this wonderful small business. You won’t be sorry. Big chains just can’t come close to offering the freshness and unique quality of in-house baked goods and delicious freshly roasted coffee. And business owners like Sarah have worked tirelessly to keep their companies afloat during these incredibly challenging times.

AND, it’s not as though supporting a business like this is a sacrifice – in fact, it’s a reward in itself! I think we’ve all earned the right to treat ourselves to some of the best baked goods and coffee that you could ever imagine.

In Toronto, Cherry Bomb Coffee is located at 79 Roncesvalles Avenue. You can following Cherry Bomb Coffee on Instagram.