The Royals

Monday, March 21, 2022 9:30 PM

Today, I want to share my gratitude for a group that I am referring to as “The Royals” – these are the individuals responsible for bringing the grand The Royal Hotel in Picton back to life. And everything about it is remarkable.


We bought our first place in PEC 13 years ago (which I still cannot believe) and for years we walked by the dilapidated Royal Hotel, wondering if someone would ever be able to bring this wounded old soul back to life. Originally built in 1879 to coincide with the arrival of the railroad, this hotel was once a bustling business and was likely the heart of the community and it always made me feel sooooo sad to walk by the shadow of its former self. Enter the Sorbara family. 


In 2013, Greg + Kate Sorbara purchased the property and through sheer will, determination, patience, and abundance of grit and passion - the hotel officially opened to the public on December 28th. And it is BEAUTIFUL, and it beams with a vibrant love-filled energy that you can’t help but feel - the building oozes with it.


And it really is a family affair – not only do the Sorbara’s own the hotel – but Edwin Farms, run by Nick and Lucas Sorbara, is a major source of the local organic ingredients that Executive Chef Albert Ponzo and his team will continue to rely on to support their brilliant menus (I’ve eaten there twice, and have taken out during lockdown – and the food is just fabulous). Another interesting family connection is that Claire Telford (Nick’s partner) developed all of the Telford apothecary products that guests use at the hotel (lotion, shampoo, soap, bodywash etc). And while they may not be related by blood, I understand that Sol Korngold, Project Lead and General Manager and Niall McCotter, Director of Operations have made invaluable contributions to getting this hotel built, opened and will continue to steer the operations.


Doing these character illustrations has really taken the shape of a gratitude practice for me. It's a fun and challenging way that I can express my appreciation for the people that I have a great deal of respect for in our community, people like “The Royals". A heartfelt thanks and cheers to everyone involved for bringing this old gem, this old soul back to life. You have done a great service to our community and I am most grateful!