Popping out to Waupoos

Sunday, April 17, 2022 8:55 PM

So! Until recently, I’ve never been a huge fan of popcorn. Back when I used to go out to movies a lot, my concessions treat was typically a box of Junior Mints (“it’s chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s delicious”) and when we were kids, I always thought that Jiffy Pop was kind of magical, but beyond that – it’s never been my thing. Until now! 


One of my favourite finds here in PEC is Sunnydale Farms operated by Jocelyn Buggie and Scott Wright - a farm that, among other produce, grows corn for popping purposes! And they sell it in both forms, popped and unpopped kernels (different varietals). I’ve become obsessed with their Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn (it’s just very slightly sweet, with a very, very light caramel coating) and their Saltry Nude Kettle Corn (no butter, but it has a rich flavour - it almost seems like there is some butter involvement!). This popcorn is WAAAAAY better than anything you’ll ever find at your local multiplex (them’s fightin’ words, I know – especially since my career was mostly focussed on film distribution!).


Sunnydale Farms also cultivates sunflower seeds and each summer, for a very small window of time (roughly 2 weeks - usually late July I think) – they graciously open their fields to allow people to wander alongside their majestic sunflowers. It really is quite something to experience.


I also really enjoy following them socially and have learned quite a bit about the life of farmers through this account. Farming is soooo not my world, but I appreciate how important it is for us all and I really love reading about it.


Every few weeks I’ll pop by their roadside stand to pick up a few bags to have on hand – they pop frequently so there is usually a good supply! I believe you can also purchase it here at the Agrarian, the Regent Theatre and I’ve seen them out at local markets as well.


Thank you Jocelyn and Scott for my newly found love and appreciation of popcorn! It’s always a fun excuse to take a drive to gorgeous Waupoos any time of year.

Sunnydale Farms - 2603 County Rd 8 in Waupoos

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