A Radio Legend in Prince Edward County

Thursday, July 28, 2022 11:35 AM

Today I am paying tribute to the one and only, Lynn Pickering - currently the supervising producer of The County Grapevine on 99.3 County FM and The County Writes…The County Reads which airs Sundays at noon. For those who don’t know, County FM is a volunteer run community station that services PEC, it was launched in 2014 and with the support of Lynn and 85 volunteers who keep the station running, the station is now one of the top five community stations in Canada. 


I first met Lynn a few years ago. She was producing a segment for The County Writes…The County Reads about blogging in PEC and she invited both Lonelle Selbo (founder and editor of Life au Lait Magazine) and I to join her to discuss our online ambitions (Note: I had none!!). Since then – I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynn through setting up interviews with her for various projects I have worked on here.


It is virtually impossible to capture all of Lynn’s accomplishments in this little space. That said, I can summarize by saying that she has had an incredible career as a radio/television producer, researcher, writer and interviewer and was just awarded the 2022 RTDNA Canada Central Region Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her many accomplishments in the field of broadcasting, including her many contributions to the success of 99.3 County FM. 

Throughout my lengthy career in entertainment PR, I’ve worked with hundreds of producers, and I can say from experience that County FM (and The County in general!), is very, very lucky to have Lynn (and her years of experience and leadership) on their side. Cheers to you, Lynn, and thank you for all that you do for us here in PEC. You are a pleasure to work with and congratulations on your prestigious award – it is very well deserved!!