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Maggie's Magic

Tuesday, August 9, 2022 11:07 AM

So! A while back I did a post in honour of one of my favourite spots here in PEC - The Miller House, part of the Lake-on-the-Mountain resort. Today, I am paying a special tribute to someone who has worked there for the last 10 years (since it opened!) – none other than Maggie MacDonald. 


Maggie is one of those people whose light shines SO brightly, and whose energy vibrates on such a positive frequency that you cannot help but feel better for simply crossing her path. And if you are lucky enough to have her serve you during your visit – consider your day made. For Maggie, no matter how freaking hot (or cool) it is out, or how incredibly busy it is (hello summers of 2020 and 2021!) or how gruff some guests can be - it is ALWAYS respect and service with a smile. 


I don’t know a whole lot about Maggie other than the fact that she is very smart; she was born and raised here in PEC; that she certainly has seen A LOT of change and growth in her lifetime and that she seems to have embraced it all and is thriving. Every time I see Maggie – I think, “I’ve GOT to do a post to celebrate her, she is so inspiring”, so I decided that today is the day to give back to her. 


A company’s brand is often tied to the people working on the front lines – and she (and the other great staff at LOTM) are a big part of the reason that we love the place so much.


Thank you, Maggie, for always being SO welcoming and wonderful to us - you’re the best! And a belated congratulations to The Miller House on your 10th anniversary. You turned a tired, yet significant piece of history (with one of the most stunning views in PEC) into such a lovely warm and welcoming place for all of us to visit, and we are most grateful for it. Cheers to you all on your 10th anniversary!!

The Miller House is located at The Lake on the Mountain resort:

264 County Rd 7 (Lake on the Mountain Road)

Picton, ON


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