The Alchemist

Thursday, May 12, 2022

We first experienced the culinary magic of Leah Marshall Hannon a few years ago when Sand and Pearl restaurant opened here in PEC. I remember being floored the first time we ate there - she took seafood to an entirely new level for me and we were beyond thrilled when she opened her own place, Stella’s in Picton, much closer to home! She has since closed that location and settled into a much larger space in Waupoos – one of the prettiest corners of The County.
Leah’s style nods to her...

Bark Woodshop

Monday, May 2, 2022

After a fairly exhaustive search for a basic house number made of wood last year, I almost gave up trying. I wanted something very clean and simple for next to our front door that would suit the style of our house – just black numbers against a cream-coloured backdrop with a black frame around it. You think that would be easy to find, alas, it was not! Then one day, Bark Woodshop, a newish business based here in PEC posted an image of THE cutest lemonade stand that Mike had built, with the word...

Popping out to Waupoos

Sunday, April 17, 2022

So! Until recently, I’ve never been a huge fan of popcorn. Back when I used to go out to movies a lot, my concessions treat was typically a box of Junior Mints (“it’s chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s delicious”) and when we were kids, I always thought that Jiffy Pop was kind of magical, but beyond that – it’s never been my thing. Until now! 
One of my favourite finds here in PEC is Sunnydale Farms operated by Jocelyn Buggie and Scott Wright - a farm that, among other produce, grows...

Hubbs Creek

Friday, March 25, 2022

We have had the great fortune of meeting many wonderful winemakers here in PEC and through their kindness and generosity of time – we have learned a great deal about their process, their challenges (this climate is just NUTS for growing grapes), the terrain and their ambitions. There really is no pretension here, there are no stupid questions and most every winemaker we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet are very personable and genuinely love to educate you about their craft. One of those special...

The Royals

Monday, March 21, 2022

Today, I want to share my gratitude for a group that I am referring to as “The Royals” – these are the individuals responsible for bringing the grand The Royal Hotel in Picton back to life. And everything about it is remarkable.
We bought our first place in PEC 13 years ago (which I still cannot believe) and for years we walked by the dilapidated Royal Hotel, wondering if someone would ever be able to bring this wounded old soul back to life. Originally built in 1879 to coincide with...

Cherry Bomb Coffee

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

So! It’s been a while – six months, in fact, since I’ve done a “County Character” so I’m really happy to finally have time to do more. Doing these actually brings me great joy!

Today I am taking the time to shout out how cool I think Sarah Ostwald is. Sarah is the lovely and talented co-founder and co-owner of Cherry Bomb Coffee based in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto - she is pretty inspiring. Driven by passion for exquisite baked goods and premium coffee, she and her business partner...

The Mustang Drive-In

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Admittedly, this is a super rushed post. I just realized that The Mustang’s final weekend is this coming labour day weekend, so I wanted to slide this in before the season closes! 
I do these illustrations for a few reasons. Usually/typically, it’s because I’ve either been inspired by or really impressed by a local business, chef, artist or just an outstanding individual and I just want to shout them out to say how great I think they are. Sometimes, as in this case, it is all of the above...

When Worlds Collide

Thursday, August 26, 2021

When worlds collide…

I live full time in PEC (have for the past four years) and one of our neighbours happens to be The June Motel. I also work with Touchwood PR,  a boutique PR firm based in Toronto, and the client that I work on is Netflix, Canada. A few months ago, while on a Zoom call, it was revealed to us that they had a series coming up for release about a couple of women who started a motel chain. I screamed out “is it The JUNE?!????” and when they confirmed it was, my head pretty...

All Hail The Mighty Caesar

Saturday, July 17, 2021

We’ve been really, really lucky in the past when it comes to being blessed with fantastic neighbours, and PEC has been no exception. It wasn’t long after meeting our new neighbours, Bill and Kate Beckett, a few years ago that we realized that we completely lucked out again.

In 2020, Kate had planned to open a cool curated event space and Caesar bar called The Weekend Social in Picton in a gorgeous little building that they purchased and renovated the year prior. Then, COVID hit, and,...

The Old Third

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

We stopped by The Old Third this past weekend for a DELICIOUS pasta lunch with friends and had such another amazing experience. Bruno and Jens, an absolutely lovely and incredibly talented pair, launched a weekend pasta bar at their stunning winery last summer - and it quickly became one of our favourite escapes. I included them in a bigger county composition that I did a few months back, but I just wanted to do a separate shout out for them here because I think they are so awesome.
If you...