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I intended to do this ages ago - back when this husband and wife team, Laura Borutski and Elliot Reynolds, were running The Hub eatery at Angeline’s in Bloomfield. It was always one of our favourite spots to eat at in PEC. Then, just as I was about to get started on it – they announced their plans to leave The Hub behind so they could take a breather!

So - I waited with bated breath until we learned about their new adventure. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure everyone in the community was as anxious as we were to see what their move was going to look like! It turns out that they bought the old building that used to house both the Bloomfield CIBC branch and County Magazine, they completely transformed the space and it is gorgeous. I’ve been there twice now for morning coffee and it is great (they also serve my fave Pluck Tea and their bombolones are pretty awesome) and both times the place was really bustling. You are almost guaranteed to see familiar faces from across PEC when you walk through that door.

In addition to being a sommelier, Laura is a warm and welcoming host. I'll always remember the time back at The Hub when she sensed our curiousity about the adjoining hotel's decor. Without hesitating, she dropped what she was doing and took it upon herself to give us a full tour which really left an impression on me. Now, from the moment you open the door and step into The Bloomfield Public House, she greets you as though you have just walked into her own home, always with a sparkle in her eye and an amazing and infectious energy.

It's no surprise at all that the food is exactly what we were hoping for. Elliot (the chef) prepares absolutely delicious and inventive seasonal and locally sourced menu items. We've only been once for dinner, and found it pretty tough trying to decide what NOT to order. It just makes you want to keep going back to see what else he is going to dream up - the food is pretty special.

One more thing - if it wasn’t obvious, I put them both wearing top hats to mimic the iconic bird that is part of their branding. You can’t miss the bird, there is a HUGE one that sits just above and to the left of their gorgeous front door. I love their branding - it makes me smile every single time I drive by the place now.

The tagline on their site reads: We are a neighbourhood spot, working hard to bring you seasonal market cuisine from our local farmers and bringing good people together to experience the best of our hometown. And that is exactly what they have done.

Hats off (pun intended) to Laura and Elliot, and thanks for doing what you are doing. Be sure to add Bloomfield Public House to your must-try list when you visit PEC. Details are below.

Visit them through Instagram, Facebook or through the details below:

Bloomfield Public House


257 Bloomfield Main Street