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From time-to-time, people ask for recommendations on what to do if they are just coming in for one day. ONE day!!! That is SO little time to explore all that there is to do here in PEC. But,if you plan accordingly – you can get a great snapshot of what this place has to offer. I always recommend for people leave home as EARLY in the morning as possible from the city so you have as much time to spend here as possible. From the suggestions below, I recommend hitting 2-3 wineries (do some sightseeing, get in some shopping) and work your way towards the east for some of the most beautiful views you could ever imagine seeing here in PEC. If you don't drink alcohol and wish to skip the wineries - that just gives you more time for sightseeing, shopping and eating along this route!!

Try and arrive in The County no later than 11:00 am.

If you are interested in wineries, they open at 11:00 am. For the purpose of a one-day itinerary, I'm recommending that for winery visits - you concentrate on CLOSSON ROAD (which is a bit of a County Mecca for good wine and cool shops, they have even developed their own site!). There are MANY many other top-notch wineries, I'm just suggesting this concentrated area because you are limited on time and they are award-winners. Also note that it is important to have a designated driver if you are planning to hit a number of wineries, and partake in the tastings as you can get tipsy fairly quickly.

SO! Brace yourself because this is pretty ambitious. If you can't hit all - no worries! I don't think anything listed here would disappoint - I would just hate for you to miss the stunning scenery on the east side of the island:



Hinterland Winery

1258 Closson Road

GREAT sparkling wine and excellent food here too - the winery and brewery are located together, if you are here around the lunch hour, you may want to eat here and they serve year round. Click here to read more about why I love this place.

Prince Edward County Lavender

732 Closson Road/Hillier

June/July is when you will see the flowers at their best – they also have a fantastic gift shop. Click here to read more about why I love this place.

Closson Chase Winery

629 Closson Road

You can click here to read more about why I love this place.

The Old Third Winery

251 Closson Road

SHED Alpaca Farm

500 Closson Road

Stop to see these gorgeous and hilariously cute animals and to visit the beautiful shop. You will most certainly leave with a smile on your face. You can click here to read more about why I love this place.

Wherever you are after hitting the wineries - get back in the car, and let the designated driver steer you towards Wellington, a great little town with some terrific restaurants and shops:


Either of the make great stops for lunch. You should for sure see the Drake - the restaurant sites right on the shore of Lake Ontario - it is gorgeous:

The Drake Devonshire Hotel

24 Wharf Street

You've heard about it, you want to see it. It is a gorgeous spot. If you haven't had lunch yet – do it here. Or, if you have already eaten – see if you can sit and have a drink. If it is too busy, well, you can at least say you have been there!!


Midtown Brewing Company

266 Main St.

We LOVE Midtown, love the beer, love the food, love the people who run it. It's non-pretentious and has a great vibe, and they do everything top notch. And they play GREAT music too. Read why we are so fond of the chef here.

After The Drake and/or Midtown, there is more you can do in Wellington, however, remember you have limited time because you are just here for one day!! So, get back in the car and head to BLOOMFIELD which is just 10 minutes away:


Bloomfield Public House

257 Main Street

If you haven't had lunch yet – stop here! You can also click here to see a profile I did on the two owners. Love them!!

Then proceed to the small shopping area in the heart of Bloomfield and wander around – there are some terrific stores and restaurants here, then you must hit:

Slickers Ice Cream

271 Main Street (Hwy 33)

Campfire (with real roasted marshmallows) or Apple Pie ice cream (with chunks of real apple pie!) are THE best.

Then – hop in the car and drive another 10 minutes to get to PICTON.


Picton is a great town, but it's pretty big and if you just have one day in PEC – that isn't a lot of time to spend here. A couple of spots I love in this town are:

Zest Kitchen Shop

192 Main Street (Hwy 33)

A kitchen/cooking store that rivals Williams Sonoma but the prices are less and the service is ah-mazing. If you love to cook, visit this place. You can click here to read about why I love this place.

Prince Edward County T-shirt Company

252 Main Street (down laneway)

They sell PEC branded everything, T's and sweats, hats, mugs and it's done in a VERY tasteful/stylish way. Great quality too - you can click here to see why I'm such a fan.

The Vic Café

222 Main Street (Hwy 33)

If you haven't eaten or are starting to feel a little peckish, these guys make THE best rice bowls that are super healthy. You can also take out.

Parson's Brewery

876 County Rd 49

If you like beer – visit this brewery which is just outside of the town itself, but it is a gorgeous brewery with great beer and good Mexican & Southern-inspired comfort food.

I would then hop in the car, take HWY 49 back down to HWY 33/Loyalist Parkway and head towards Lake-on-the-Mountain and hit:


A provincial park with easily the most beautiful view in all of The County. You really have to stop here to take in the view.

The Miller House

264 County Road 7 (AKA, Lake-on-the-Mountain Road)

If a bit of time has passed since you have eaten – I would suggest stopping at The Miller House to have a charcuterie platter and a glass of local wine OR a glass of their own delicious beer. Even if you have a full stomach - stop for a tasty beverage! This patio is amazingly beautiful, the food is great and the view is just ridiculous (as in, amazing). I highly recommend this - read more about why here.

Then – hop back in the car and head east towards WAUPOOS and plan to visit:

The County Cider Company

657 Bongards Crossroad

Second to Lake-on-the-Mountain, I think this is one of the best views you will encounter. They serve great lunches here too and their cider is delicious. You can sample their ciders as well.

Fifth Town Cheese Dairy

4309 County Road 8, in Cressy - about 5 mins past County Cider in Waupoos

This is the greenest dairy in Canada and they produce award-winning cheese. If you love cheese – stop here!!

THAT, I think, will bring your day to a close and if you have managed to hit even part of this list from east to west, it will give you an idea of how awesome this place is. On your way back home – maybe stop for a bite in any of the amazing restaurants that PEC has to offer. It is ALWAYS a good idea to make reservations for dinner in PEC – especially during the summer. I've included numbers for all of the restaurants I recommend on this site, click here for my recommendations.