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As happened with Mel and Paul from Idle Wild, we first encountered this lovely couple, Saiqa Sheikh & Josh Blake of JERKebago, at the newly minted Homegrown County Craft Brewing Festival in Picton in the fall.

Their style of cooking is Afro-Caribbean, and while I’m not very familiar with this particular brand of fusion, we very much enjoyed our first full meal with them at 555 Brewing Company in Picton back in February. And, as we learned through experience with Idle Wild – we decided to try one of everything on this menu for sharing purposes.

The menu that evening consisted of Smoked Wings with a choice of jerk sauces; an awesome Veg Curry Roti; Jerky Joes and delicious Patties (with a choice of beef, chicken, veggie or curry goat) and most entrees were served with a selection of a terrific coleslaw, plantain chips and cornbread. For dessert, we had perfectly moist banana bread plated with a lovely selection of berries; coconut whipped cream and drizzled with caramel.  

One of the things I love most about PEC is the fact that it is literally bursting from shore to shore to shore with talent. I LOVE stumbling across stories of businesses I have never heard of before, both old and new, and learning about the individuals behind them. I find it all so incredibly inspirational and JERKebago’s story is no exception.

Both Toronto transplants, they opened at the end of June 2017 in Carrying place. You HAVE to visit their Instagram page, which – in the early days of their enterprise – was essentially a photo journal that captured and chronicled their challenges and triumphs in launching this delicious business. These two have clearly worked very hard to successfully launch their business, and they continue to work exceptionally hard not only to deliver gastronomic delight, but an extremely positive and upbeat experience. I should also mention that they cater too - so if you have a special event coming up - how great and unique their style of cooking would be!

Aside from being stationed in Carrying Place – it looks like they are planning to open a location very soon in Picton as well (Yay for us!!). Check out their social pages or site for information on openings, I have included their links below.

JERKebago can be found at 22178 Loyalist Parkway, Carrying Place

Picton address coming soon!