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Parsons Brewing Company is a perfect example of the true entrepreneurial heart and spirit that thrives here in PEC. I’ve probably said it a thousand times in this space before, but the entrepreneurs here are pretty special in that they have HUGE heart, intense passion and integrity. This energy and creativity continues to inspire me, and Chris and Samantha Parsons embody that spirit in a huge way.

Their bottle shop, which opened back in 2016, is set in a gorgeous 150 year-old restored blacksmith + parsonage building that they had moved to it’s current resting place. From Highway 49 just on the outskirts of Picton, you cannot miss this growing operation that stands majestically on their expansive property, typically with a gorgeous vintage VW Westfalia van parked out front (I LOVE that van!!). When we first visited this brewery back when they opened, we were immediately smitten.  

A short time after launching, chef Samantha Valdivia earned her County stripes here by serving incredibly authentic Mexican dishes. She has since gone on to open her own wonderful and very popular restaurant in Wellington and while we were sad to hear about Sam’s departure (and subsequently happy to hear she had opened her own place!), Parsons has taken their food offerings in an interesting and exciting direction, as they are now serving South American food. We stopped by last weekend, and while they are still serving their homemade tortillas with guacamole (to die for), I also tried their Choripan - an amazing sandwich with chorizo sausage, and it kind of blew my mind!

They are very kind, community-minded and hard-working individuals - you often see Sam out hauling beer and serving food during the incredibly busy peak hours. This is also a great place for families as they have dedicated a fairly large slice of their property for a playground too.

By painstakingly moving these historic structures to their property, they have honoured and paid tribute to both the history of Prince Edward County and the entrepreneurial spirit that continues to shape this region. Parsons fully captures that spirit. The beer offerings and food are amazing, the building is gorgeous and there is an incredibly positive vibe from the moment you walk through their doors or settle on their bustling patio.

Don’t miss stopping by Parsons when you are visiting the area, and it you live here – you should be a regular :)

Visit Parsons through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or through the details below:

Parsons Brewing Company

876 County Road 49

Piction, Prince Edward County