194 Main Street, Picton

Rebecca Hunt launched her catering/food business a few years ago as a food truck - and we made every effort to find and visit this truck as often as we could. I loved our experiences so much, I had to draw it (above and here is more on Rebecca Hunt and her incredibly talented husband who is a local artist). She has since set up a brick and mortar operation in Picton where you can find awesome sandwiches, salads and even sweet bites to go, and she is a great caterer too!!

Check her website, Twitter or Facebook


Now parked at 114 Lake Street (County Rd 10), Picton

We were finally tried a French Fry truck that was always parked in the parking lot at Canadian Tire. His fries are great, and he also has other fare such as pulled pork sandwiches. I can't find an official site for him - but I know he is open every day, somedays to 7 pm and there are ALWAYS people in line, which shows how great this truck is :)


Located at Carson's Garden Market: 1317 Wilson Road, Bloomfield

Last year (2019) Carson's Garden Market opened in the outskirts of Bloomfield and as luck would have it - Kyle Jones opened Flossies Sandwich Parlour on the premises - like a permanent sophisticated food truck operation - only with covered seating. Flossies, named in honour of his adored grandmother, features delicious sandwiches that include pulled pork, battered chicken thighs, eggplant for vegetarians (to name a few) and a declicious hamburger too. Soups are available as well - and they also serve my favourite soft drink, The County Bounty. Visit his site to learn more about his operation. This is a busy spot! You can shop, buy lunch and sit and enjoy it here OR you can even take it just down the road to enjoy with a cold brew from Gillingham's brewery :)


Located at Kinsip Distillery - 66 Gilead Rd, Bloomfield

We had heard a lot about this guy - and were lucky to sample some of his great food when we found him parked at a fundraiser we attended. VERY good BBQ. Check out his Facebook page for updates on menu items. Here is an example: Smoked chicken sandwich, cranberry dijonnaise, celery, green oninions and Hagerman's greens stacked on a toasted brioch bun. Yum!!

There is SO so much to do when you are visiting The County - there are days where you won't have time to sit for a more formal lunch. Thankfully - there are a lot of GREAT options for grabbing some food to go, or to casually sit and eat while shopping, or tasting wine and beer. Here are some suggestions of places for quick bites that we love: